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i have a deep interest in technology, business models, and personal development. in addition to working in these areas, i write and speak on them, too.

i head up innovation for cloudflare. i'm also an advisor to peloton technology, a leader in self-driving trucks. 

i'm host of the exponent podcast; author of the nyt best-seller how will you measure your life? (harper collins); and i write quite frequently. my work has been featured in the harvard business review, bloomberg, business insider and reuters; on a particularly good day, the front page of reddit.

if i'm not online, i'll probably be in a poolin a yoga studio, or travelling somewhere off in search of adventure.



head of innovation / cloudflare

host / exponent

advisor / peloton technology

author / how will you measure your life?

blog / medium
writer / harvard business review


chief marketing officer / zenrez

director / medallia
fellow / forum for growth and innovation
strategy / apple
consultant / booz allen hamilton


mba (baker scholar) / harvard business school

bcomm/bit (1st class honors) / the australian national university


select articles:

"how corruption is strangling american innovation" / hbr

"the blessing of failure" / medium

"steve jobs solved the innovator's dilemma" / hbr

"prioritizing economics is crippling the u.s. economy" / medium 

"what was facebook thinking?" / medium

"it's not women who should lean in. it's men who should step back" / hbr

'we just saw what voters do when they feel screwed. here’s the economic theory of why they do it" / quartz

"the 787's problems run deeper than outsourcing" / hbr

"the u.s. has gone f&%king mad" / medium
"who cares if samsung copied apple?" / hbr

select press:

"microsoft puts slack in cross hairs with new office chat app" / the new york times

"21 must follow feeds in the world of business" / wired magazine

"scaling innovation" / thinkers50

"will patent reform invigorate innovation?" / kcrw

"james allworth: ‘the u.s. has gone f&*%ing mad’" / wgn



twitter @jamesallworth

linkedin James Allworth

instagram @hype7


jaa / at / mac / dot / com

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